In 1964, Brazilian President João Goulart was deposed in a coup orchestraded by the military with the collaboration of his opposition,  the media and the United States government. This takeover led to a brutal dictatorship that lasted for 21 years. 

Coup 1964 was developed as a final project for the Specialization course in Digital Journalism at PUCRS. It's also available in its original portuguese on

The script was written after a research in several books written about the military coup, with the intent of portraying the events with historical accuracy. Direct quotes from characters were used in dialogues and text boxes every time they were available.  

The 1964 military coup was a crucial event in the last century of brazilian politics, and it's currently being used as reference for the troubled political climate. This story is being portrayed as game due the the language's possibilities of depicting and associating events step by step, emphasizing themes the author and his collaborators considered more relevant. 

This academic project was supervised by André Pase, PhD.

Design e Script : Victor Rypl

Art: Victor Rypl and Cristiano Oliveira